We produce high quality coils
that are wound right here
in the USA with high purity
Copper Wire sourced from
USA suppliers.

IQ Laminated Steel Core Coil

IQ line of laminated “I” core coils are a perfect low cost alternative to providing large inductance values at a low DCR. Each IQ coil features exclusive PURITY GUARANTEE and low distortion steel. 

ALQ coils

ALQ coils are wound with high purity OFC copper and feature PURITY GUARANTEE. The ALQ coils feature precision custom molded high temperature polycarbonate bobbins. 

XQ line of air core coils

XQ line of air core coils are revered as one of the most musically accurate coils on the market today. Each XQ Coil starts with heavy insulated OFC copper wire featuring exclusive PURITY GUARANTEE.

Super Q coil

The Super Q coil is revered by audiophiles and engineers throughout the world as the best performing magnetic core coil. The Super Q takes the performance of the IXQ coils to another level, with reduced THD distortion, FM distortion and D.C resistance.

EQ line of coils

The EQ line of coils are perfect lay hexagonal coils wound to Wheelers formula which are then solvent and heat bonded to prevent microphonic distortion. Each EQ coil is wound with proprietary orthocyclic tooling, and computerized winders featuring hysteresis tension devices. This means each EQ coil is a virtual match to one another.

IXQ laminated steel core

IXQ line of laminated steel core inductors offers excellent price versus performance rates. The unique .30mm laminated steel core can handle large amounts of current without distorting or going into saturation. The IXQ coils offer a low D.C.R and low microphonic distortion for maximum fidelity. 

We offer high quality polypropylene and electrolytic caps from JB Caps

Premium metallized film PulseX Cap with black flame proof tape and gold silk screened permanent ink.


Axial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Audio System